Swedish Webbkarta
All singles from the label 1964-71
As a complement to artist bookings and music publishing, Åke Gerhard started the label
Olga Records. The name came from Åke's old mother. Two singels were released on the
label before The Hep Stars debuted with Kana Kapila in 1964. This third single got the
sequential catalog number Olga SO 03. The label was discontinued in 1971.
SO 01 JOHNNY DEVLIN Stomp The Tumbarumba I Beg Of You
SO 02 WARREN WILLIAMS Just Like A Child Where My Baby Goes
SO 03 THE HEP STARS Kana Kapila I Got A Woman
SO 04 THE HEP STARS A Tribute To Buddy Holly Bird Dog
SO 05 THE HEP STARS If You Need Me Summertime Blues
SO 06 THE HEP STARS Farmer John Donna
SO 07 THE FALCONS Someday You’ve Better Move On
SO 08 THE FALCONS When My Dreamboat Comes Home Unite Me
SO 09 THE HEP STARS Cadillac Mashed Potatoes
SO 10 ROLF KESSEL Nu Reser Jag Hem Jag Tvivlar
SO 11 THE HEP STARS Bald Headed Woman Lonesome town
SO 12 THE HEP STARS Rented Tuxedo No Response
SO 13 THE HEP STARS So Mystifying Young And Beautiful
SO 14 ROLF KESSEL Du Är Min Utan Månsken
SO 15 STUBB-JONAS My Darling Marianne Åren Rinna
SO 16 "14" Wondering Nothing But Moan
SO 17 THE HEP STARS Should I I’ll Never Quite Get Over You
SO 18 GAGGAS Bright Light Big City Lucille
SO 19 THE HITMAKERS Stop The Music What You Gonna Do About It
SO 20 P.J. PROBY I Need Love You Got Me Cryin’
SO 21 THE HEP STARS Hawaii Sunny Girl
SO 22 "14" I Can’t Catch Them Throu My Door
SO 23 THE ACT I Guess So Sticks And Stones
SO 24 VAT 66 Morning Comes After Night Vat 66 Theme
SO 25 THE HEP STARS Wedding When My Blue Moon Turns To Gold Again
SO 26 THE FOOLS Baby I Want To Know Bony Maronie
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